HANA energy Co. is a privately held service company of Iran; operating on the upstream sector of oil and gas industry. Our company has been established by a group of highly experienced oilfield experts and reputable international companies since 2013.
We provide well drilling and lateral services for major offshore and onshore oil companies in Iran. HANA Energy Co. complies ISO 9001:2008, HSE Management System Standard, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004


HSE Policy


HANA Co. is committed to observe the highest existing national and international standards of safety, health and environment. HANA Co. constantly does the best to direct its activities in such manner that they comply with laws and regulations and latest scientific and experimental achievements and conform to updated standards of petroleum industry.

 ● We believe that proper implementation of HSE system is the responsibility of all personnel and contractors of HANA.

 ● We believe that we are first and foremost responsible towards all personnel and those persons who are affected by HANA’s activities or use our services.

 ● We do our best to follow the commands and directions of Islam and conserve the environment while creating a safe and sound environment to prevent occurrence of accidents, hazards and diseases for personnel and those who are affected by activities of HANA.

 ● We guarantee to provide necessary and constant suitable financial and executive procedures for implementation of HSE strategy for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of activities of HANA and personnel.

 ● We Do our best in the direction of prevention of environmental pollution and minimization of energy loss due to our activities in order to maintain safe environment and energy resources.

 ● We constantly review the performance of HANA in respect of determined targets in order to improve health, safety and environment constantly and effectively.

 ● We Do our best to create effective and extended relations with beneficiaries such as clients, partners, contractors and HANA personnel in the direction of their satisfaction of our services.

 ● We take steps according to existing standards in the direction of conservation of environment and its compatibility and feel responsible in this regard.

HANA Energy Co  has certificates  ISO 9001:2008 , HSE Management system Standard ,  OHSAS 18001: 2007 , ISO 14001-2004.