Directional Drilling:

We are proud of providing state of the art equipment from well-known international companies with engineering and manufacturing support. Our directional drilling and measurement services are including:

    • Downhole motor (Directional and Performance drilling, Sidetracking)
    • MWD (Mud pulse and Electromagnetic Telemetry)
    • LWD (GR & Resistivity)
    • All Directional BHA

Production Services:

In 2018, production service equipment was imported from USA(Cameron) and Canada including:

    • Mobile Oil Treater/Separator
    • Multi-phase Flowmeter
    • LACT Unit
    • Coiled Tubing

Mobile Oil Treater

  • Mobile Oil Treater (MOT) is a device for eliminating acid, gas, water, salt, sand and silt from crude oil and pumping it to the pipeline during the drilling, repairing, acidizing and testing of oil wells.
  • Our Twin 3-phase well test and production separator is modular and multi-purpose surface well testing equipment which is main part of MOS equipment.
  • Recently, Hana Energy got approval to be in the NISOC AVL for MOT services. 

Multi-Phase Flow Meter (MPFM)

  • Vx Spectra flow meter is based on rugged Vx multiphase well testing technology, which determines flow rates without requiring separation.
  • The Vx-29 is trademark of Schlumberger with 11000 BOPD and 26 MMscf/d capacity for liquid and gas.
  • Radioactive (Ba-133) source

Coiled Tubing

  • We perform coiled-tubing operations in almost any working environment.
  • 2 NOV-Hydra Rig CT with normal and hostile condition (1 ½” & 2”)
  • Hana’s coiled tubing services provide reduced costs, minimal downtime and the quick response that comes with highly experienced people working with the latest in technology from cleanout, well killing, acidizing to fishing jobs

LACT Unit (Metering and Transferring)

Installation of LACT units includes these advantages:

    • Improved measurement by eliminating errors in gauging and testing
    • Decreased costs because of fewer stock tanks
    • Reduced paperwork for pumper and office staff
    • Reduced chances of oil spills
    • Increased automation (24 hours per day)

Waste Management

Using the most efficient technology and processes to achieve desired results, we ensure environmental security.

Main Parts of Operation 


    • Gathering
    • Fixation
    • Testing
    • Transferring


    • Gathering
    • Testing 
    • Treatment Based on Test Results
    • Re-test After treatment
    • Recycle